Just popping in to say thank you for your recent purchase from my shop! Whether you are a new customer or returning shopper, I'd like to personally thank you for supporting my family! If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me or private message me at any time!

All you need to do now is pop over some photos for me to work from! You can do this by replying my email with a sample of what your furry friend looks likes, gets up to and of course, the photo that you'd preferably like me to capture as a portrait! You can also message me via Facebook with your photos if that is easier for you!

Once booked in for a portrait, the drawing can take anywhere between 12-18 weeks to complete. Anything that is needed as soon as 12 weeks will incur a rush fee. There is a 25% surcharge to skip the queue if you need them a little sooner.

I look forward to seeing the photos you have chosen for your portrait!

What to expect from me:
A lovely handdrawn original commission of your chosen photo, you will receive the actual drawing to frame, hang up, or gift to a loved one. Once drawn, I scan the image, and you can come back anytime for printed items of your portrait. Plus I will include a discount code for 10% off, which you can use at any time and again and again and again! This code is valid both on Etsy and my website shop! And my catalogue will added for your browsing pleasure!

• What you can do in return for me: 
- Once your order arrives, if you ADORE your order, let me know with a star rating on my Facebook page! Feedback allows other buyers to see that my shop can be trusted and worth purchasing from! <3 And it makes me wiggle with happiness!
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Once again, thank you for choosing me and my little shop!! Muffy the Westie woofs her thanks too!

Amber Marie, Mr Amber Marie & Muffy x